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SizeGenetics Extender Is An Effective and Safe Penis Enlargement Device!

It is a Medical Type-1 device recommended by surgeons and used on their patients. SizeGenetics traction innovation has been tested and proven effective in various clinical research.
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SizeGenetics extender device has been in the business for two decades maintaining its quality to be able to provide a great product for men who are seeking to increase penis size and for those who are seeking non-invasive means of correcting or straightening penile curvature.
When it comes to wearing a traction device, comfort is vital in order for the device to be worn for a longer period of time without any discomfort. SizeGenetics is designed with comfort and efficiency and can be worn underneath clothing making one be able to wear it even while at work without other people knowing it.
SizeGenetics is not only a popular penis extender brand, it does deliver the desired results for its users. Of course, not everyone who uses SizeGenetics extender achieved the same level of results due to various factors such as length of time being used and consistency. However, majority of its users do get the results they wanted.
Not only SizeGenetics has been proven by typical users, but its innovation has been backed with numerous medical clinical studies and in fact, it is being recommended by surgeons and used it on their patients.

Why Choose SizeGenetics Penis Extender?

  • 58-Way Comfort System For Better Results and Efficiency
  • Clinically Tested, Medical Type 1 Extension Device
  • Endorsed By Medical Community and Used By Surgeons On Their Patients
  • Featured in Various Media Outlets
  • SizeGenetics Is The Preferred Penis Extender By Penis Enlargement Experts
  • SizeGenetics Has Been In The Business For 20-Years
  • Comes With Amazing Bonuses and Free Shipping
  • Discreet Shipping, Billing and 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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SizeGenetics Has Been The No. 1 Choice For Penis Enlargement Enthusiasts

Due to SizeGenetics quality design and numerous features including the MDA(Multi-Angling Directional) comfort system, it is the choice for well-known penis enlargement enthusiasts and most discussed in penis enlargement forums and websites such as MattersofSize, PEGYM, GLL, and Maleenhancementpr.com.
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SizeGenetics Penis Extender Users’ Testimonial

“I noticed a shocking 1 inch gain after the first two weeks! I’ve sensitive about my penis size for my entire life. I’ve never felt ashamed of my size with my wife; I have always felt less than adequate in the dressing room before and after a workout. With a 5” erect state and flaccid up to 3”, I always felt like I didn’t measure up to other guys. I don’t often care how others perceive me, this was one area I secretly did.

For years I had searched the web for male enhancement products. After much scepticism I decided to give SizeGenetics a try. I had insuffiecient girth to use the strap so used the noose, I eventually became familiar with what works for me and began using the device on a daily basis.

I noticed a shocking ½ inch gain after the first two weeks! I continued using the device and even though my gains did not continue at that pace, I began to see regular gains at the average rate seen by the studies on the SizeGenetics website. By the end of 4 months I have gained a full inch in my erect state and now sit at 6”, I am excited to see how far I can go with this device!

Thank you so much SizeGenetics! Keep up the amazing work!”

Richard Phoenix
“My partner and I have always enjoyed sex, the additional size and confidence has increased our enjoyment. My SizeGenetics arrive on time and in unmarked packaging. I phoned customer support to ask if the strap came in smaller sizes, the women I spoke to in Customer Support was brilliant! There was no embarrassment and she informed me that it can be a problem at first. That was reassuring as it meant other men had a penis as small as mine but also due to her reference to “at first” demonstrated her confidence that the SizeGenetics would increase my penis so that I could use all attachments. I used the silicon loop – which worked and wasn’t too uncomfortable. I thought I would never wear the SizeGenetics outside, but within a day I was doing just that with ease.

My gains represent a substantial percentage increase. I and my partner have always enjoyed sex, the additional size and confidence has increased our enjoyment.

Thank You”

D. Hopeshi
“I have now been using the device for a little over 4 months now and I think it’s a great buy. I wasn’t so much sceptical with the device as I was scared that it would rip my penis off lol. But it has worked wonders. Initially the device wasn’t the easiest thing to wear but after a month my body got used to wearing it.

I didn’t have any wild dreams of having a 9 inch dong. That’s what I think the problem is with men wanting a bigger erection, they set there goals too high! Starting erect measurement: 4.8 inches – Gains: 5.5 inches

It’s like working out, you have to put in the time and patience and then you’ll get results. I have now been using the device for a little over 4 months now and I think it’s a great buy. The customer service is also really helpful.”

Mike Townsend

Personal Notes: Some of the testimonials might appear too exaggerated or hyped, but the bottom line is… SizeGenetics traction penis extender device really works if used correctly and consistently as per instructions. Moreover, this review might not appear as detailed as other reviews, but the primary purposes is to introduce to you the SizeGenetics device and how it can help you increase penis size, or correct penile curvature for those who are experiencing Peyronies disease.

For more detailed description and specifications of the device, you can either read this article “SizeGenetics Extender Is A Medical Type 1 Device Clinically Proven To Help Increase Penis Length, or checkout medical endorsements for SizeGenetics. Moreover, SizeGenetics also featured and appeared in various media outlets such as on Jonathan Ross show, and on GQ magazine.

The latest achievement in which SizeGenetics has attained, it was nominated “Adult Product of the Year 2013” for Paul Raymond Publication Awards.

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SizeGenetics Offers 3 Packages To Fit One’s Preference and Budget

While I personally recommend to you getting the SizeGenetics Ultimate System or Edition as it offers a lot of options for achieving the fastest gains possible, there are other options you can take on. And, depending on your budget or preference, you can still own a SizeGenetics extender at a cheaper cost.

SizeGenetics offers 3 packages to choose;

  1. Basic Device, which only includes the SizeGenetics device itself without any extras. While it may seem very basic, you can still make use of the device pretty effectively using customized comfort pads yourself allowing to wear the device as comfortable as possible, although not as comfortable as using SizeGenetics comfort system. It also includes the instructional DVD.
  2. Advanced Comfort, this package include both the SizeGenetics extender device, instructional DVD, 16-Way comfort system, and some spare parts.
  3. Ultimate System, this package is the ultimate and most complete with lots of goodies and freebies. If you have the budget, get this package as this will make your penis enlargement journey with SizeGenetics a lot comfortable. This package includes all what the Device-Only edition offers, plus a lot more. To fully visualize what this package has to offer, checkout SizeGenetics order page as it listed all the different inclusions for the Ultimate Edition.

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